Welcome to MedoLink Group, a professional IT solutions partner for you. Our mission is to satisfy our valuable customers with a high spirit of customer care and support. Providing premium and reliable products and services and extend after sales support brought us to an established stage with a truly professional attitude, excellent work force and unmatched support system. We,at alwafaa always give priority to customer satisfaction through customer support and services. We welcome all of you to the world of sincere approach with a high end dedication and great professionalism by all means.


Big data analytics reviews high volumes of data to understand the hidden insights, objectives and other relevant information. In the new age of technological advancements,getting answers from these data is possible immediately – an approach that is much slower and less effective with traditional intelligence solutions.


We aim to be the source of the best customized AI solutions for our clients and tailor our services to the specific needs of their business.

Providing emerging technology for your business needs, ensuring you stay ahead in the market through digital transformation.


Of MedoLink 

Pouya Maroufi

Pouya Maroufi

Co-Founder | CPO

Electrical Engineer | iOS and Android Developer | Product Designer


Ahmed Menbari

Co-Founder | CEO

Software Engineer | Full Stack Web Developer | Startup Manager