Medolink Products


Home Care App

In Sozhin Application you’ll be able to enjoy the ultimate health services in the comfort of your home and you will be treated, followed up and take advices by our experts.

Status:  Available

Platform:  Android

Type:  Public

Sozhin Manager

HomeCare Manager App

In Sozhin Manger Application you’ll be able to mange and control Medical Home Care Service. Ultimate  tracking personal and client, medical document, CRM, and etc.

Status:  Available

Platform:  Android, iOS, WebApp

Type:  Private  


Medical E-Learn App

The comprehensive medical sciences education application of Tabad is undoubtedly the best among its Persian competitors in terms of efficiency, beauty, speed and support, but we claim to offer world-class products.

Status:  Available

Platform:  Android, iOS

Type:  Public


Team and Task management

TodoLink is a platform to manage your team, create workflow and analysis your business.

Status: Available

Platform: Android, iOS, WebApp

Type:  Private  


Pacs Server and Viewer

DICOM server and viewer for healthcare and medical research. also provides a RESTful API for HIS.

Status:  Available

Platform:  Android, iOS,WebApp

Type:  Private


Research and Article

howbir is a educational research platform that helps students to reach their goals.

Status: Available

Platform: WebApp

Type:  Public  

Contact Tracing

Epidemiology APP

An outbreak prevention platform that helps patients and their contacts track and prevent outbreaks

Status:  Available

Platform: WebApp

Type:  Private

Coming Soon




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